Comprehensive care “near me” in Dolton, IL includes dental implants

Tooth implant

Comprehensive literally means all or nearly all elements of something. Thus, a practice that promotes “comprehensive dentistry,” should ethically offer a range of services most needed by the average patient to prevent dental problems, maintain oral wellness, and enhance the smile. Today, that means most internet searches for “dental care near me​” in the Dolton, IL​ area reasonably expect to find implant services. Why are implants important? Historically, a missing tooth was replaced with a dental bridge. It sits on top of gum tissue, anchored in place by crowns on teeth adjacent to the gap. A bridge goes a long … Continue reading

Dolton dentist urges friends to put dental health at top of New Year’s resolutions

Ready for cleaning teeth

​Healthy dental habits are a powerful defense against disease and illness​​ – both oral and systemic. Get started now: It you have not been to a dentist in the last six months, or if you were not satisfied with your recent visit, call Pleasant Dental at (708) 576-1900 to schedule a checkup. Make healthier eating choices. Dr. Dietrich is happy to share information that helps you adjust your diet for better dental and overall health. Stop using tobacco. Smoking and smokeless tobacco dramatically increase the risk of gum disease and oral cancers. Ask about options. Is there something you would … Continue reading

Why the “In-Network” dentist is not always the best Value.

Male dentist and woman in dentist’s office

Dentists join insurance networks for one simple reason – to get more patients. Being in the network is considered a smart move because so many people with insurance have been programed to believe a dentist in the network is far less costly than those who are not. Having practiced for over 30 years and in multiple offices both in and out of all kinds of networks, I can tell you this idea is exceptionally misleading. A dentist who joins a network is required to accept “negotiated” fees for many if not all of the services they offer. Some insurance companies … Continue reading

They made the extra effort to make sure every question and concern I had was addressed. They have some of the cleanest dental equipment I have ever seen. They make an extra effort to make sure they only use the best for their patients. They have a very good professional reputation. I know that I'm under the care of an expert. They were so happy to answer each and every question I had. They also encouraged me to call if I need any more answers in the future.