Dr. Dean Dietrich is known as one of the “Top Docs in Chicago” and he continues to stand by his practice with a wide range of services including endodontics. Not every dentist in the area offers endodontics, which includes the ability to perform root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy may be necessary in certain situations. Also called endodontic therapy, this dental procedure is done when the dentist removes the dental pulp (nerve tissue) from inside the tooth. This deadens the tooth and maintains the structure without pain or discomfort for the patients. This procedure is typically done to save a tooth from extraction. Many dentists do not perform root canal therapy, so having one that offers endodontics is a wonderful asset.

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Dr. Dean Dietrich may perform endodontic therapy for patients who are experiencing one of the following issues:

  • An abscess
  • Tooth decay that results in an infection of the dental pulp
  • Trauma to a tooth that results in infection
  • Inflammation of the dental pulp
  • Diseased nerves inside a tooth

At Pleasant Dental®, we perform root canal therapy as an alternative to extraction. This is done to avoid the need for restorations such as implants, dentures, and dental bridges. Many times, we can save a tooth and allow patients to maintain their natural smile. It is much more affordable than extraction and restoration. Root canal therapy is done with local anesthetics ensure optimum comfort throughout the procedure. This procedure is relatively routine and Dr. Dean Dietrich has extensive experience in providing treatment for patients who need it. Patients should never be worried about this procedure, thinking it is painful and uncomfortable, when that couldn’t be further from the truth! Patients are often in pain before they decide to have the procedure done, and this treatment can relieve them of discomfort that they may have dealt with.

Dr. Dean Dietrich is excited to have a wide range of aesthetic, general, and restorative services in his practice, including the ability to perform endodontic therapy. Contact Pleasant Dental® today to book an appointment and find out how versatile his practice can be for both adults and children.

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