No one expects to have an emergency. You don’t plan for it, and you certainly can’t schedule a dental appointment in advance. What should you do when confronted with a sudden severe toothache, lost crown, broken tooth, or other emergencies? Call us! Dr. Dean Dietrich, of Pleasant Dental®, provides a wide variety of emergency services, and our Dolton office is less than two miles from South Holland.

Dr. Dietrich strives to see all emergencies the same day. Naturally, many dental treatments can’t be completed in a single visit, especially an unscheduled one. However, the doctor can take measures to get you out of pain, and devise a treatment plan for long-term results.

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Some of the most common emergency services include:

  • Extractions – Of course, we always strive to save your natural teeth. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible. Sometimes a tooth needs to be pulled, and sometimes it needs to be done now, to eliminate your pain. Once you are comfortable and the emergency has passed, Dr. Dietrich will discuss replacement options such as a bridge or implant-supported crown.
  • Antibiotics – Infected teeth are among the common causes of dental emergencies. Root canal therapy is needed to resolve the problem, but first antibiotics are administered. They will make the infection (and your pain) subside. However, it is important to remember that the relief is temporary. Controlling infection first makes the procedure gentle and painless, but you need to follow through and come back for the scheduled root canal. Otherwise, when the antibiotics wear off, the pain will return.
  • Fillings – Deep cavities can expose nerves, causing a severe toothache. Depending on the situation, the fastest solution may be to place a permanent, cosmetic filling on the spot. Alternately, a temporary filling may be used if other procedures are needed.
  • Tooth reimplantation – When a tooth is knocked out, you might think it’s lost forever, but that’s not always the case. If you handle the tooth carefully, put it in a container of milk, and get it to our office fast, there is a chance of it re-attaching.

Maybe you can’t expect the unexpected, but you can prepare for it. Keep dental emergencies in mind when stocking your first aid kit, and keep our phone number handy. When you need help in a hurry, call Pleasant Dental® at (708) 576-1900.

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