Emergency dental services aren’t always something that a person thinks about – until he or she has a dental emergency. It’s often only when a tooth is lost unexpectedly or a patient wakes up with an excruciating tooth ache that he or she begins to think about emergency dental services. When an emergency occurs patients of Dr. Dean Dietrich at Pleasant Dental® are relieved to find out that they can turn to the same dentist they trust for their regularly scheduled appointments.

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Below, are questions that are frequently asked by patients who are experiencing a dental emergency:

A. In many cases, yes. If you’re experiencing pain that is so intense that you would rearrange your day and welcome a dentist visit, chances are you have a problem that can only be relieved by a trip to the dentist.

A. In many cases, the pain can be lessened with the use of an over the counter pain medications such as ibuprofen. It’s important to note, however, that the pain medication is simply masking the pain. It’s not fixing the underlying problem that’s causing you the pain. And in most cases dental problems do not just get better on their own. The sooner you receive dental care, the sooner you’ll get better.

A. At Pleasant Dental®, our team will do everything possible to schedule your appointment in a timely manner. We know that dental emergencies are often both painful and cosmetic. The good news is that a chipped tooth can often be fixed in a single appointment. There’s no need to seek out a new dentist for an emergency appointment, call our Dolton office and let us help you.

A. Maybe. It’s important that you follow a number of steps. First of all, find the tooth and try to put it back into place. If you can’t replace the tooth into the socket, put it in some milk or in the pocket between your teeth and your cheek. Go to the Emergency Room or make an immediate appointment to have the tooth reset.


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