While the name would suggest otherwise, the “permanent” set of teeth that we all get during our elementary school years are not, in fact, permanent. Instead, these teeth can be lost due to trauma, decay, disease, or simply the aging process. If you’ve lost a tooth, or are noticing that several teeth seem to be weak or loose; you may be starting to have replacement tooth conversations with your dentist.

While many patients are dismayed by the need for these conversations, the good news is that you have several great options for replacement teeth. From implants, to bridge and crown appliances, to dentures, patients can choose from several solutions that bring back their great smile and give them the confidence to smile brightly once again.

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While dental implants and crown and bridge appliances are good options when a tooth or several teeth are missing, many patients find that dentures are a better choice if they need to replace an entire set of top or bottom teeth. Furthermore, most patients are thrilled to find out that dentures today have come a long way since the dentures their parents or grandparents used. Instead, today’s dentures are sturdy, comfortable, and fit securely.

Patients have several options for dentures including those that are placed immediately and those that are customized to be a perfect match to the patient’s natural teeth. Additionally, patients can opt for dentures that snap into place or those that are held tight with adhesive.

Regardless of the choice, patients can feel confident knowing that they have a great smile and an improved appearance. In addition to the smile, dentures offer several other benefits to patients, including aiding their overall dental health. When teeth are missing, the mouth and face lose necessary support. This can appear in many ways such as the remaining teeth becoming crooked or shifting out of place, or the face beginning to droop. Dentures can help the remaining teeth stay in place and the mouth stay healthy and free from disease.

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