Healthy dental habits are a powerful defense against disease and illness​​ – both oral and systemic. Get started now:

  • It you have not been to a dentist in the last six months, or if you were not satisfied with your recent visit, call Pleasant Dental® at (708) 576-1900 to schedule a checkup.
  • Make healthier eating choices. Dr. Dietrich is happy to share information that helps you adjust your diet for better dental and overall health.
  • Stop using tobacco. Smoking and smokeless tobacco dramatically increase the risk of gum disease and oral cancers.
  • Ask about options. Is there something you would like to improve about the appearance of your smile? The doctor explains self-esteem boosters like teeth whitening and dental implants.
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Make it a habit

Cleaning teeth with dental flossIt takes only about five minutes a day to brush twice and floss before bedtime. Studies show that within just 66 days, a new activity can become a firm habit. Once it is a habit, some amazing things happen in the human psyche:

  • Your brain removes the element of choice. You “just do it,” without thinking, “Do I feel like doing this? Do I want to do this? Do I have time for this?”
  • The process becomes automatic – you hardly need to think about steps in the procedure.
  • You feel more comfortable doing it than skipping it.
  • Willpower is no longer required when a task becomes routine.

A commitment to dental health sets the tone for how you care for your appearance and wellbeing​. Call (708) 576-1900 for the confidence you deserve.

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