You see the ads for denture adhesives and probably think that this is what you will have to be using for the rest of your life if you find yourself needing a denture. The reality can be much different.

Today there is even controversy over the amount of zinc in some of the adhesives that have caused some patients to have unusual reactions. Most of the people that reported this problem were using excessive amounts of adhesive constantly. This should not be necessary and is obviously not desirable.

A good fitting upper denture (I’ll talk about lowers in a bit) will stay in place even without adhesives. This assumes that the amount of bone that the denture is being supported by is adequate in both size and shape; in my experience most are.

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Upper dentures are designed to stay in place through suction. That is to say that under good circumstances the upper denture will stay in place without the need for any adhesives. Even then, it has been my experience that some patients still like the added security and firmness that a bit of adhesive provides.

Lower dentures are a whole other ball game. Since the upper jaw is part of the skull, it is fixed and doesn’t move. The lower jaw obviously moves and has the tongue flying around also, tending to push the denture out of place. It is much more common, therefore, for a patient to NEED lower adhesives.

If you are an upper denture wearer and you find that you need to be using adhesives continuously just to keep them in place or to stop them from moving, then you may need a denture feline (a process that makes them fit tight to the jaw), or perhaps a new denture.

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