For many years, dentures have been a popular option for patients who need to replace missing teeth. Dentures are customizable. They can be used for patients who are missing one tooth, several teeth, or an entire set of teeth. In addition, they are created exactly to the dentist’s specifications so they appear natural and match the existing teeth and gums.

In recent years, patients considering their tooth replacement options have been thrilled to learn that dentures today are much more advanced than the dentures they remember their grandparents using. Instead of dentures that slip and shift within the mouth, today’s dentures fit better, feel more comfortable, and allow patients to feel confident while smiling, speaking, or eating.

Patients are also happy to learn that caring for dentures is quite simple. Dolton, IL, area dentist, Dr. Dean Dietrich offers these tips to patients who are considering or have recently had dentures placed:

  • Be careful with your dentures. While dentures are sturdy, they’re not unbreakable. Dr. Dietrich suggests that his patients place a thick towel across the counter or fill the sink with water just in case the dentures should slip out of the hand.
  • Brush and rinse daily. Just like your natural teeth, dentures need to be maintained daily to remove food particles. Brushing not only keeps the dentures in good shape, it helps to keep stains from forming. Dr. Dietrich suggests using a toothbrush with soft bristles, or one that was specifically designed for denture cleaning. He also recommends that patients with dentures rinse their mouth and dentures after each meal.
  • Use the right denture cleaner. It’s important to use a product that is gentle enough not to harm the dentures, but strong enough to clean them. You should also avoid using products with bleach. Check with your dentist to find out which products he recommends.
  • Keep your dentures moist. When dentures are not being worn they must be kept moist so that they do not lose shape or become dried out. Most patients can keep the dentures in a special soaking solution or even in water. However, some dentists recommend alternatives if the denture has any metal pieces as it could become tarnished.
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