Nearly 74 million Americans had no dental insurance coverage in 2016, says the National Association of Dental Plans. Were you one of them? Are you still one of them?

If so, there’s a dentist in Dolton who would love to explain his Dental Membership Plan to you, a plan that makes it simple and affordable for you and your family to receive quality, comprehensive dental care.

Dr. Dean Dietrich and his staff at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL, know how difficult it can be for many people to pay for dental care. Even if they have insurance, the plans can be so hard to navigate and understand that individuals give up trying to work with their dental insurer or find that the plan doesn’t provide enough coverage.

Enter the Dental Membership Plan, which Pleasant Dental® offers directly to its patients. Now you can choose from several plans that will provide preventive care for adults, children, families, and even those suffering from periodontal disease. The membership plan also provides discounts on procedures including fillings, crowns, and root canals.

The most popular plan for adults starts at payments of just $27 a month!

You’ll love the no-hassle convenience of the Dental Membership Plan:

  • There is no time-lapse between enrolling in the plan and receiving treatment; your dental benefits begin the day you sign up for them!
  • You make payments for the plan right to your dentist, cutting out the cost and hassle of an insurance company or other middleman
  • You will not have to worry about making copays, coming up with money for the deductible, seeking pre-approval for treatment, dealing with denied claims or being limited by annual maximum payouts.
  • Your membership continues for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • You can purchase and manage your plan from any mobile device.

This plan was specially designed for those who:

  • Pay for all their own dental care out of pocket
  • Don’t have dental benefits from work
  • Are retired, and may no longer have dental coverage
  • Haven’t been to the dentist for some time
  • Desire regular dental care but need to keep costs to a minimum
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Here’s what you get with the most popular plan for adults:

Image of a Adult woman with nice smile

  • Two dental cleanings and checkups
  • Routine x-rays
  • 2 oral screenings
  • 1 emergency exam

The value of these services is $602. However, the cost to you with the Dental Membership Plan is just $324 a year, and payments can be made monthly. That savings of $278 should make you smile!

Plus, all dental care plans include 10-25 percent off other procedures completed at Pleasant Dental®, as well as a 10 percent subscription discount for family members.

Why you can’t afford to NOT enroll in the Dental Membership Plan

According to the Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, those who do not have dental insurance or access to a program like the Membership Plan find themselves in these situations:

  • They visit the dentist less often and miss out on the chance to receive preventive care and early treatment.
  • They make more than 2 million visits to emergency rooms for dental treatment each year.
  • They are not as likely as those with dental coverage to have necessary restorative care or to undergo treatment for gum disease.
  • They have a higher incidence of other illnesses. They are 67 percent more likely to have heart disease, 50 percent more likely to have osteoporosis, and 29 percent more likely to have diabetes.

Dr. Dietrich notes that he has never seen a dental insurance policy that you can buy for yourself that is actually worth the cost. Rather than leaving you to deal with the issue of how you are going to pay for your dental care, Dr. Dietrich and his staff have once again demonstrated their dedication to “happily reinventing the dental experience” by making your dental care as pleasant, comfortable, comprehensive, and affordable as possible. The Dental Membership Plan, a program that has been years in the making, is Pleasant Dental®’s latest effort to demonstrate its strong commitment to the health and well-being of the Dolton community.

Call the office today at (708) 576-1900 to take advantage of this exclusive offer or visit Pleasant Dental®’s website at to sign up online. Don’t let fear of dental treatment, or fear of paying for it, prevent you from making your oral health a priority.


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