Dental implants are a hot topic in dentistry right now. If you’ve been looking into options for replacing teeth, you have probably read about them. You might already know that implants can last a lifetime, protect your jawbone, and stabilize a replacement tooth like no other restoration can. Of course, you may have also heard a few concerning things, like the word “surgery.” Don’t worry; it’s not as bad as it sounds. In fact, it is a very gentle, predictable procedure – in the right hands.

The process only requires a tiny incision in the gums. A dental implant is a very small cylindrical piece of titanium. It is inserted through the incision and implanted into the jawbone. Naturally, the area is completely numbed before any work begins, so you shouldn’t feel a thing. If you are worried about recovery, don’t. Most people compare getting a dental implant to having a tooth pulled, and the extraction is often said to be the more difficult of the two.

The failure rate of implants is virtually non-existent, around two percent when performed correctly. It is a very minor, but very technique-sensitive procedure. The secret to having a great experience is finding the right doctor. Some general dentists place implants, which might sound convenient. However, implants are just a slice of a large pie in general practices. A dentist might perform a few from time to time, along with cleanings, fillings, and toothache treatments. A dedicated oral surgery may garner as much experience in a month as a general dentist would in a year.

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Dr. Dietrich believes the fine-tuned skills that come with experience are indispensable with a delicate surgery. He works with exceptionally talented periodontal and oral surgeons to provide his patients with exceptional quality, comprehensive treatment. After the implant is in place, and the bone has healed around it, the next phase is Dr. Dietrich’s area of expertise. A brand new porcelain tooth (called a crown) is fabricated and placed atop the implant. He will consider the aesthetics, function, and optimal alignment to ensure that your new smile is just as healthy and durable as it is beautiful.

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