Myths and mystery

The unknown breeds fear; it’s a natural human reaction. Even when an unfamiliar experience is inundated with glamorous images and promises of good things to come, it makes us nervous. Traveling to a foreign country, buying a new car, or getting a trendy new haircut may come with high expectations, but there is also a sense of foreboding.

When we are facing something unknown and the hype surrounding it is all-negative, the fear can take over. No longer are we nervous that it will turn out badly, we are certain of the fact. Such is the case with root canal treatment. It has become synonymous with everything unpleasant in life. “As much fun as a root canal,” is a common expression used to describe a horrible experience. Naturally, is you’ve never undergone this procedure, you would be certain that it involves considerable pain and trauma. However, the horror of root canal treatment is the product of urban legend and popular misconceptions. Don’t believe us? Consider this: If you’ve actually had root canal treatment, you are statistically six times less likely to consider it painful than people who have no personal experience to draw on.

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Modern treatment

Perhaps in bygone days of experimental medicine with no anesthetic, root canal treatment was traumatic, but the same could be said of most dental and medical procedures of that era. In the modern dental office, root canal treatment is common, routinely performed with little to no patient discomfort and excellent results. Residents of Dolton, Riverdale, and other IL communities are fortunate to have the opportunity to experience an exceptionally trouble-free, gentle root canal treatment. Dr. Dietrich takes extra steps to ensure the comfort of his patients, which is why our practice is named Pleasant Dental®.

The secret to taking the pain out of this procedure is numbing the nerve. Frequently, when the dental pulp (soft tissue inside of a tooth) is damaged, it becomes infected, which creates pressure inside of the tooth. The infection effectively makes the tooth less responsive to anesthetic. In these cases, Dr. Dietrich begins by prescribing oral antibiotics, which reduces the infection enough to normalize the nerve function. That means anesthetic is effective, and you shouldn’t feel a thing during treatment!

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