If you have ever taken it upon yourself to shop around for the best price on dental care you probably found it is a difficult thing to do.

Take shopping for the best price on a filling. First you generally need to know the exact kind of filling that is to be done. This means what type of material you want used and then how many of the surfaces of the tooth are to be filled. It also makes a difference in many cases as to which tooth it is that is to be filled.

Even assuming you are armed with this information you may still not get a true apples to apples comparison price. Why?

Suffice it to say that in some offices the charge they quote you for the filling may show little resemblance to what you are actually charged for that service.

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In some offices to get a filling done you will pay for the filling, of course. But then… wait there’s more!

Yes not only will you be fortunate enough to pay for the filling to be done but you will also have the privilege of paying additional monies for any medications placed under the filling, sterilization of the instruments used, anesthesia and perhaps more.

So while you may have been quoted $140 for the filling you can easily end up paying near $200 or more for the full service.

In our office a $140 filling is $140. It includes everything needed to provide the service. So if you are shopping around make sure you know for sure that there are no other charges you are going to get hit with when it comes time to pay the bill.

If they tell you it’s no big deal because you have insurance, run even faster. Most people have way too little insurance to be wasted on useless fee padding.

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