Do you get a feeling of dread when you walk into a room full of strangers? If you refuse to smile, you will certainly not make a good impression, yet if you smile; everyone will see your dark, yellow, or brown teeth. A dingy, stained smile can be the cause of much embarrassment and many uncomfortable moments. In turn, it can take a toll on your confidence and self-image.

Although the color of your smile may have nothing to do with your oral health or hygiene, there is a certain stigma attached to stained teeth. There is also a “stigma” attached to brilliant white teeth, and it is a very positive one. Dr. Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® makes that beautiful smile easy to achieve, with several whitening options, including at home trays and KöR deep bleaching.

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Teeth whitening is one of the most requested esthetic procedures, and it continues to increase in popularity. Why?

  • Confidence – Improve your self-esteem with the feeling of pride you get every time you flash your dazzling smile
  • Employment – A bright, white smile is one of the most important accessories for achieving a professional appearance
  • Better oral health – although teeth whitening does not have a significant direct effect on your oral health, patients tend to take better care of a more beautiful smile
  • Anti-aging – Stained teeth are associated with “old age” while white teeth are associated with youth
  • Special occasions – Because whitening can be accomplished so quickly, there’s always time to get it done before that wedding, reunion, or other special occasion
  • Comfortable – We offer KöR, which is formulated to prevent pain or sensitivity
  • Affordable – According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, dental teeth whitening is one of the most economical smile enhancements available
  • Conservative – Whitening does not require any permanent alteration to your teeth
  • Great first impressions – According to psychologists, people form an opinion within seconds of meeting someone, and that impression hinges of appearance
  • Convenient – In office whitening is remarkably fast, or you can whiten at home, on your schedule

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