If I want to make this article really short I could simply say, “All but the medically compromised are candidates for implants.”

Now that I have already lost you, let me explain.

Implants really work well in most situations and for most patients. That doesn’t mean that everyone who walks in off the street can just have an implant placed and walk out the door with a new tooth.

Some people who have been missing a tooth or teeth for years may not have the right quality or amount of bone that they need to have an implant successfully placed. These patients may need some pre-implant preparation surgery to add to bone.

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When replacing upper back teeth, there are times when the sinuses essentially get in the way and a procedure known as a sinus lift may have to be performed before the implant is placed. All of these procedures are done to make sure that when the implant is placed, there is enough bone available for the success of the implant.

There really are some patients that are NOT good candidates for implant placement at all. The primary ones are those who have what is known as a compromised immune system. That means they have trouble healing. The largest group of people who fall into this category are diabetics.

This doesn’t mean that if you are a diabetic you are automatically off the list for an implant. It does mean that if you are not well controlled you really will not be a candidate for implants.

A well-controlled diabetic may be a candidate. It really comes down to how well your body battles infections and heals. If you have trouble with these two things, you are not likely to be considered a good candidate for implants or any type of elective surgical procedures.

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