Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® in Illinois is a quality dentist who believes in offering his patients services for all their dental needs. There are times when patients may experience the unexpected dental emergency. Thankfully, his practice is well suited to assist patients with these problems and get them immediate care whenever possible to maintain the health and wellness of their smiles.

Dental emergencies can vary. In many cases, they need to be addressed as soon as possible. Other times, patients are urged to visit the practice within the next 24 hours for treatment, depending on the specific situation and if the patient is experiencing extreme pain and discomfort. Dr. Dean Dietrich can help new and current patients who are experiencing trauma or pain that may indicate the need for emergency care.

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What qualifies as a dental emergency? Below are just a few examples of why a patient may want to visit Dr. Dean Dietrich for care:

A tooth has been knocked out or loosened from trauma
A tooth is broken or chipped
A tooth has lost a restoration such as a filling, crown, or veneer
Patients are experiencing an extreme toothache that is not allowing them to eat or sleep
Patients have a broken restoration such as a denture that may need to be repaired
Patients have an abscess that may require root canal therapy
Patients have an injury to the mouth, including the gum tissue or a natural tooth

If you are a patient who lives in the Illinois area and are interested in learning more about emergency dental care, we urge you to contact Pleasant Dental® today. Dr. Dean Dietrich assists many patients with their needs and can continue to offer them dental care if they desire a dentist who puts patients first. Our practice is always welcoming new patients, and we want to make sure everyone has access to quality care and attention from a friendly, welcoming staff and comfortable office atmosphere.

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