At Pleasant Dental®, we provide patients with a wide selection of services for their smiles. Dr. Dean Dietrich of Dolton, IL often place dental crowns on the front teeth whenever necessary.

When might I need a dental crown on a front tooth?

There are situations in which patients may require a dental crown over their front tooth. Here are a few reasons:

  • There is extensive decay in the tooth.
  • The tooth is chipped and broken.
  • Root canal therapy has been performed on the tooth.

What is a dental crown?

The best description for a dental crown is a ceramic “cap” that is bonded over a tooth for coverage and protection. Porcelain is used in crowns because it is a strong, durable, and attractive material that can be effectively used in the smile. This ensures a cosmetic enhancement to the smile.

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How will the dental crown look?

At Pleasant Dental®, we want patients to have beautiful smiles! We assist patients with choosing the right material for restoring their appearance. If patients are seeking a white smile, the best time to achieve this is before the placement of a dental crown. The teeth can be whitened, and then the new restoration can be made to match. Dr. Dean Dietrich discuss with patients the benefits of enhancing the smile at the same time it is being restored. Dental crowns do not respond to whitening products, so whitening beforehand is highly recommended. Our team offers professional whitening solutions that can last a long time and be maintained over the years.

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