Dolton, IL patients who are interested in dental crowns at a dental facility “near me” are welcome to visit Pleasant Dental®. Dr. Dean Dietrich and his staff provide a variety of cosmetic dental procedures including dental crowns.

Crowns explained

Patients who need a restoration for protection of their natural tooth may be great candidates for dental crowns. ​A crown, or “cap,” is generally a porcelain restoration that is made to cover the visible structure of the natural tooth​. It may also be used as a false tooth. Some of the primary purposes for dental crowns include:

  • Coverage for a tooth that is weak or broken (i.e. from root canal therapy or an injury)
  • An added layer of protection for a tooth that has a large filling in place
  • To support a dental bridge
  • Finish a dental implant to make it look like and function like a tooth
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Who is a candidate for a dental crown?

Crowns can be done successfully in many circumstances and for most patients. All Pleasant Dental® dentists will recommend a crown if it is the best fix for  the tooth or teeth. Some patients may benefit from other options such a dental bonding, veneers or Lumineers, inlays, or onlays.

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Dr. Dean Dietrich and the staff of Pleasant Dental® work hard to provide patients with solutions they can use to improve their smile’s health, wellness, and beauty. Patients in the area of Dolton, IL who are interested in working with a dental staff with experience in general and cosmetic dentistry are encouraged to contact Pleasant Dental® to learn about crowns and other restorative procedures available. Call (708) 576-1900 today to make an appointment with the staff at 609 E. Sibley Boulevard (147th) and discuss the possibilities!

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