Comprehensive literally means all or nearly all elements of something. Thus, a practice that promotes “comprehensive dentistry,” should ethically offer a range of services most needed by the average patient to prevent dental problems, maintain oral wellness, and enhance the smile. Today, that means most internet searches for “dental care near me​” in the Dolton, IL​ area reasonably expect to find implant services.

Why are implants important?

Historically, a missing tooth was replaced with a dental bridge. It sits on top of gum tissue, anchored in place by crowns on teeth adjacent to the gap. A bridge goes a long way toward restoring chewing function and appearance. Yet a dental implant has significant advantages:

  • The implant becomes firmly fused in jawbone, supporting a porcelain crown. The result feels normal, cannot be visually distinguished from a natural tooth, and has the same chewing function.
  • No special care is required. Just brush and floss the implanted tooth.
  • A dental implant is the only tooth replacement method that helps to preserve facial bone. Each time you bite down, it stimulates strong bone that keeps the lower portion of the face from collapsing.
  • For a patient with good oral habits, a dental implant can last a lifetime.
  • Though upfront cost of a dental implant is a bit higher, longevity makes implantation a cost-effective choice for the long term.
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Can dental insurance cover implants?

Computer generated image of dental implantWhile that question has become more difficult to answer in today’s changing healthcare landscape, the response is still yes. Most plans use their own research methodology to determine usual and customary fees. This schedule outlines what the insurer considers to be a fair cost for treatment to resolve the patient’s issue. Thus, the insurance plan may pay the lowest cost alternative (a partial denture or bridge) toward a dental implant, subject to deductible and annual maximum provisions in the policy. Diagnostics and extraction may also be covered. The remainder is the patient’s responsibility. In addition, medical insurance could pick up some of the cost of bone grafting, or cover tooth replacement that results from work-related accidents.

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