Dental care is an important aspect of oral health. This is just as true for a person or family without dental insurance as those covered by a specific plan. There is a common misconception that it is more cost effective to go without preventive dental care than to visit the dentist regularly, as recommended. After all, when there is no insurance to pay for such visits, how can they possibly be worth it?

It really goes without saying that forgoing dental care can lead to bigger problems and, thus, higher cost, in the long run. It is through preventive dental care that larger problems like cavities, gum disease, tooth fractures, and tooth loss can be prevented. Ignoring any signs of dental problems does not make them go away, it simply allows them to progress.

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Dental problems like infection are tricky. They can seem to subside only to sprout up again later. The bottom line is until the source of infection has been repaired, the infectious process will continue. No amount of brushing will eliminate an existing problem. These are facts that you probably know all too well. However, investing into your smile may seem impossible. At Pleasant Dental®, we understand how difficult it can seem to pay for quality dental care. We want to assure you that our office has been designed to offer the greatest extent of care for the most affordable price.

Our patients let us know how we’re doing, and we are proud to offer gentle, effective dental care at costs that can be covered even without insurance benefits.

Our friendly staff is always ready to answer your questions. In a quick call or visit to our office, you can become familiar with our services and our financial policies. Pleasant Dental®, located in Dolton, serves patients from Chicago and other suburbs of Indiana.

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