You are already aware that you need to brush, floss, and see a dentist regularly. The message is so common that many people actually fail to take notice. Especially in these challenging economic times, it’s easy to think that you can’t afford dental care. When your teeth look good, and they don’t hurt, seeing a dentist seems like an unnecessary expense. This is an easy way to trim your budget, and remove one thing from your busy schedule, right? Wrong!

The truth is, taking care of your mouth will save you time, money, pain, and inconvenience for many reasons. The top three are:

  • Preventive care – You might not see or feel a problem right now, but there is probably a little tartar buildup where your toothbrush won’t reach. Professional cleaning can remove it before damage is done. If not removed, it can lead to cavities and gum disease.
  • Early detection – The effects of neglecting your dental health will begin gradually, and progress until you seek treatment. Early gum disease can usually be cleared up with scaling and root planing, and small cavities can be easily repaired with fillings. The more serious the problem becomes, the more expensive and time consuming it is to correct. Eventually, you could lose your teeth and be faced with the choice of dentures, implants, or being virtually unable to eat.
  • Patient education – No, Dr. Dietrich does not lecture or judge his patients. However, he does provide them with valuable information and advice for easy, effective oral hygiene and healthy habits. When you don’t know things like which foods strengthen your teeth and what habits can break them, it can be difficult to protect your smile.

At Pleasant Dental®, we maintain a friendly, comfortable, casual environment. However, we are real sticklers about a few things. We won’t sacrifice the quality of treatment, and we won’t charge exorbitant rates. Dr. Dietrich is committed to providing true value. Impersonal service and sub-par work at a cheap price isn’t value. Neither is receiving adequate, or even good, care at an exorbitant price. Good old-fashioned customer service, quality work, and reasonable pricing are true value.

Don’t think you can’t afford dental care. In truth, you can’t afford not to care for your smile. Pleasant Dental® takes pride in providing the best value in dentistry to families in Dolton, Calumet City, Riverdale, South Holland, and other area communities. Call (708) 576-1900 today and schedule your appointment.

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