Let’s be frank. If we at Pleasant Dental® could make gold dental crowns tooth-colored, it is likely all we and other dentists in Dolton, Illinois, and beyond would use gold. Period. Gold is similar in strength to natural tooth enamel. So it doesn’t wear down the surrounding teeth. With proper care, gold crowns can look as good 30 or more years onward as the day that they were placed. The problem is, the pesky cosmetic issue remains. 

We understand and account for this very valid concern, especially when restoring broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged front teeth. Esthetics are vitally important to most of our patients. While gold is great, we have fantastic cosmetic alternatives. Today, we can readily replicate the look of your natural teeth. If you need to protect vulnerable teeth with a crown and want a beautiful esthetic option, let us show you how we can achieve that. 

Durability, beauty for every smile

There are more than a dozen materials for crowns (besides gold). If the teeth that require crowning are in your “smile zone,” we can discuss options like porcelain or Zirconia. These can be excellent options for “color-matching.” And, while strong, porcelain is typically bonded to another material, often zirconia. That way, a stronger material serves as the durable “core,” while porcelain functions as a tooth enamel replacement. 

When we do have a reason to use metal as part of a town, be assured we use only the best. For patients with concerns over adverse reactions or sensitivities to base metals, like nickel, know we do not use these materials. Solid porcelain or zirconia crowns share some properties of enamel, such as their light reflectivity and translucency. Our patients find that porcelain is stain-resistant and can look great many years after being placed. Again, porcelain shines when it comes to cosmetic considerations. Metals like gold shine when it comes to durability and strength.

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Great results; a terrific experience 

As you can tell (we hope!), our team is very straightforward, transparent, and honest about discussing each material’s pros and cons. We don’t nickel and dime. We always partner with patients to arrive at a choice that is in the best interests of their mouth and whole “selves.” The differences between Pleasant Dental® and other dental practices in Dolton, Illinois, don’t stop there. We continue to live up to our name during every step of rebuilding and preserving your teeth, from our no-pressure consultations to our comfortable preparation of the tooth to be crowned. We have perfected techniques for comfortable appointments. You deserve a pleasant experience. We deliver! 

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have, too. We’ll see you soon! 

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