Everyone hopes to keep his or her natural teeth in place, healthy, and attractive for life. Dr. Dietrich wants to help every patient accomplish that goal, and advances in modern dentistry are making it increasingly possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. The good news is that modern dentistry has also given us a number of wonderful, healthy, and beautiful options for replacing missing teeth. The first step towards the smile of your dreams is visiting Dr. Dietrich of Pleasant Dental®.

To extract or not to extract?

Dr. Dietrich will begin with an examination, and then discuss your oral health, and your options. If you still have some or all of your teeth, the first decision is whether to restore or extract them. Decayed or broken teeth can often be saved with dental crowns. Root canal therapy is also necessary if the pulp in the center of a tooth is infected or damaged. The doctor will explain which teeth can and cannot be saved, as well as the costs and long-term prognosis for each option. Once you are armed with the information, you can make your decision free of pressure or lectures.

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Replacing what you’ve lost

If you and the doctor decide that extraction is best, or if your teeth are already gone, the next step is choosing the best replacement option. If you choose dentures, they can be completed in just a few steps. Of course, extractions will be first, if they are required. However, Dr. Dietrich can create your denture without taking out the front teeth until the denture is ready to be placed at the same visit. So you can have a smile through the entire process.

The actual denture is designed from an impression. Dr. Dietrich takes great care to ensure precision accuracy, which is the key to a good fit. Unlike dentures of the past, today’s appliances are designed to be beautiful as well as functional. They are made of resin material, with a gum-colored base and white teeth. The resin is tinted to the ideal shade for a bright, yet natural look. Similarly, each individual tooth is designed with a beautiful shape, and proper proportions, as well as subtle variations. The goal is not to create something that looks like a beautiful denture; the goal is to create something that looks like gorgeous, real teeth.

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