What Is a Partial Denture? Dolton IL Dentist Answers Your Questions

Dentist In Dolton IL Area Explains What Is a Partial Denture

Partial dentures do not replace a complete set of teeth, leading to questions about their use. Your Dolton IL dentist at Pleasant Dental® helps patients that can benefit from partial dentures. So, what is a partial denture and why might a person need partial dentures? What are Some Reasons that Patients Need a Partial Denture? Partial dentures differ from complete dentures because they replace a few missing teeth, not a complete full set of teeth. Some people lose only a few teeth because of decay, trauma, or other injuries. In situations like this, a person may need a partial denture. … Continue reading

Are partial dentures a low-cost option near me in Dolton, IL, for restoring the smile?

Are Partial Dentures a Low-cost Option Near Me in Dolton, Il Area, for Restoring the Smile?

Missing teeth impacts more than just the look of your smile—but also impacts function and health. Whether you are missing teeth from trauma or extraction, you must work with a Dolton, IL area dentist to restore the smile. Patients considering low-cost options “near me” in the community may want to speak to the dentists of Pleasant Dental® to discuss the advantages of partial dentures. What is a partial denture? A partial denture is best described as a fabricated restoration for you to replace one or more teeth in the same dental arch (upper or lower). The appliance is made to … Continue reading

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