Understanding the signs and symptoms of oral cancer in Illinois

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A healthy mouth is about more than a shiny smile and fresh breath. Even the best oral health care habits and the most attractive of smiles can be hiding a hidden threat to oral, and overall, wellness. Oral cancer affects many dental patients each year. While it can be treated, like any cancer treatment the key is to discover it early, before it has time to spread to other areas of the body. One of the best ways to screen for oral cancer is during your twice yearly dental checkups. While occasionally patients with oral cancer will be able to … Continue reading

Illinois parents ask, “Are mouth guards really important for my child?”

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As a parent, you have plenty to worry about when your child starts to play sports. Scrapes and bruises, practice times, scheduling family dinners around a busy schedule, and remembering when it’s your turn to bring the team snack are only a few of the items on your busy to-do list. With all the equipment to remember, practice car pool to drive, and laundry to wash, many parents ask their dentist if the suggested mouth guard is really necessary. In a nutshell, yes. The mouth guard is important to children, older kids, and to adults playing sports. While it may … Continue reading

Treatment for teeth discoloration in IL

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Keeping your smile healthy requires several things – eating well, drinking plenty of water, proper and frequent brushing and flossing, and regular checkups with your dentist. However, even with the best oral health habits patients can begin to notice that their smile doesn’t sparkle the way it used to. That’s because certain foods, especially those that are dark in color, can leave particles on the teeth that begin to cause discoloration and yellowing of the smile. Patients who want to improve their smile and remove the teeth discoloration often wonder where to start. A trip to the grocery store uncovers … Continue reading

What you need to know about diabetes and dentistry in Illinois

What you need to know about diabetes and dentistry in Illinois in Dolton IL

Patients with diabetes know that they have to actively monitor and manage their lifestyle and diet for health reasons. However, diabetes – and high blood sugar – can also impact your teeth and gums as well. Patients with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes must take special care to manage their blood sugar levels in order to decrease their risk for tooth decay and gum disease. How does diabetes impact my dental health? Tooth Decay: Every mouth is made up of many types of bacteria. When food and beverage particles made up of starches and sugar come into contact … Continue reading

Managing dental pain in Illinios

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Dental pain can be caused by a many factors but is almost immediately recognized. Sometimes it may be a lingering sensation after eating something hot, cold, or sweet; other times it can be an intense throbbing pain; and still other times it can be a dull, sore ache. Whatever the feeling, patients want relief and they want relief now. We are here to help Call us at (708) 576-1900 or Schedule an Appointment Often patients in Illinios, and across the United States, are quick to run to the drugstore when they have pain in their mouth. While over the counter … Continue reading

Tooth fillings 101: What Illinois dental patients should know

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Why fillings are important Tooth fillings are among the simplest and most common dental restorations. They are used to repair cavities, and prevent the spread of tooth decay. You might not pay a great deal of attention to cavities unless they affect the appearance of your smile, or become painful. Unfortunately, ignoring them will only lead to bigger, and eventually painful, problems. Tooth decay is a progressive disease, and once it begins it will continue chewing away at the layers of enamel, dentin, and eventually reach the soft dental pulp. Fillings relieve the pain and sensitivity of deep cavities, because … Continue reading

Oral health complications of common eating disorders

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Surely, you’ve heard that “you are what you eat.” While this may not literally be true, your dietary habits do have a profound effect, for good or bad, on your entire body including your teeth. You are probably aware that excess sugar consumption can lead to cavities, especially when coupled with lax oral hygiene. However, you may not know that frequent vomiting, poor nutrition, and consumption of certain high-acid diet foods can also be harmful to your oral health. Coping with eating disorders Many people find it challenging to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, especially when confronted with store … Continue reading

Understanding the dental causes of headaches in Illinois

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Headaches are one of the most common nervous system disorders. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 50 percent of all adults have experienced one or more headaches within the last 12 months. In reality, the number may be much higher, as headaches are traditionally underestimated and frequently undiagnosed. Many people simply suffer in silence, and do not seek medical attention unless the pain becomes debilitating – and even then, they don’t always find relief. There are several types of headaches, with various causes making misdiagnosis a common problem. You may not expect to find relief at a dentist’s … Continue reading

Common causes for toothaches in Dolton

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Toothaches are among the most common dental complaints, and they have a wide variety of potential causes. They include: Cavities – Large or deep cavities can expose the nerve inside of the tooth, causing extreme sensitivity or toothaches. Damaged dental pulp – The soft tissues, including nerves, in the center of a tooth are known as dental pulp. If it becomes injured or infected, it can lead to pain, sensitivity, abscesses, and other problems. Fractured or broken tooth – If you break a tooth, you probably expect it to hurt. However, you may not know that hairline fractures, even those … Continue reading

Bad breath: Causes and treatment options in Dolton, Illinois

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Halitosis, more commonly known as bad breath, is a common and embarrassing problem. Virtually everyone experiences bad breath on occasion, especially following a spicy meal. However, chronic or frequent bad breath can be a sign of a more serious oral health problem. Causes of bad breath Why does your breath smell foul? There are several possible answers, including: Gum disease – You might not expect an infection in your gums to affect your breath, but bacteria emit a foul odor. For the same reason, any infected wound or other bacterial accumulation can cause chronic bad breath. Food – This is … Continue reading

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