Dentist is Dolton, IL offering emergency dental services to assist patients in urgent and immediate need

Dentist in Dolton, Il Area Offering Emergency Dental Services to Assist Patients in Urgent and Immediate Need

Have you found yourself in a dental crisis and you do not know what to do? Is your situation considered an emergency? Should you just wait until regular dental hours and make an appointment? All these questions lend quite a bit of extra stress to an already potentially dire situation. It is important you have a place you can always count on in these emergency situations. Dr. Dean Dietrich and his team at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL offer an emergency dental clinic and want to be there for you so that you do not have to worry about what … Continue reading

What to expect when you need emergency dental care in Dolton, IL

Emergency Dental Care in Dolton IL area

A day at the park, a good meal, a friendly game of basketball after work… It’s all fun and games until someone loses a tooth! We understand. Nothing can bring your day, and your life, to a sudden halt quite like a dental injury. You are in pain, possibly bleeding, and teeth are damaged or gone. You know you need help, and you need it fast. Yet, you might be wondering where to turn for emergency dental care in Dolton, IL and just what your dentist will do for you. Patients of all ages trust their oral health to Dr. … Continue reading

Riverdale, IL residents guide to dental sports injuries: Avoiding and treating emergencies

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Kids are natural athletes. Playing sports gives them a healthy outlet for their naturally boundless energy. Even more importantly, it keeps them active, which is vital for a growing body. If that energy dries up, they just might take root as couch potatoes. Unfortunately, there is a downside to playing sports at any age, and that is the risk of injury. It is estimated that as many as one third of all childhood (and many adult) dental injuries and emergencies arise from athletic activities. In the United States alone, millions of teeth are knocked out every year in sports injuries. … Continue reading

Easing the pain: Home care and emergency dentistry for Calumet City, IL residents

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People may seek emergency dental care due to health concerns, difficulty eating, or even cosmetic reasons if a very important event is imminent. Although we each have a different definition of emergencies, one thing is virtually universal. Excruciating pain cannot be ignored. Sudden and severe pain may accompany injuries to the teeth or gums. Other times, an unexpected toothache might leave you puzzled. Some of the most common causes of dental pain include: Deep cavities or loose fillings can expose the nerve, causing pain when it contacts food. Damage to the nerve, or infection inside of the tooth, can result … Continue reading

Emergency dentistry services available for South Holland residents

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No one expects to have an emergency. You don’t plan for it, and you certainly can’t schedule a dental appointment in advance. What should you do when confronted with a sudden severe toothache, lost crown, broken tooth, or other emergencies? Call us! Dr. Dean Dietrich, of Pleasant Dental®, provides a wide variety of emergency services, and our Dolton office is less than two miles from South Holland. Dr. Dietrich strives to see all emergencies the same day. Naturally, many dental treatments can’t be completed in a single visit, especially an unscheduled one. However, the doctor can take measures to get … Continue reading

Emergency care for a knocked out tooth: What to do until you can see a Dolton Dentist

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As children, we expect to lose teeth, and we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the tooth fairy. Once our adult teeth appear, we expect to keep them for life. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, that is increasingly possible. Good hygiene and regular dental care can stave off gum disease and cavities. However, even the healthiest teeth are not immune to fastballs, auto accidents, or tumbles down the stairs. Aside from wearing a mouth guard during sports, you can do very little to prevent a tooth being knocked out. We are here to help Call us at (708) 576-1900 or … Continue reading

What to do when you need emergency dentistry in Illinois

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The first thing you should do in a dental emergency is call Pleasant Dental®. We see all emergencies as soon as possible, and we can advise you of what to do until you come to the office. Unfortunately, emergencies seem to strike at the worst time, in the worst place. If you can’t see Dr. Dietrich immediately, what should you do? We are here to help Call us at (708) 576-1900 or Schedule an Appointment Some of the most common dental emergencies involve accidents, sports injuries, or other trauma. The first thing to do is assess your condition, and decide … Continue reading

Can dental emergencies be avoided?

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By definition, an emergency is unplanned and unexpected. No one has any kind of emergency on purpose, but it can sometimes be prevented. Here are a few simple tips to help you avoid the pain, inconvenience, and expense of sudden dental trouble. Wear a mouth guard Mouth guards are dental appliances designed to protect your teeth. They are fabricated of a composite material, and customized for a secure fit. It is recommended that anyone playing contact sports, or participating in high-impact activities wear a mouth guard, to prevent broken or dislodged teeth. A different type of mouth guard is recommended … Continue reading

What Dolton, IL residents need to know about tooth extractions

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You probably don’t want to think about tooth extractions and, to be honest, neither do we. Here at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL, our passion is saving and caring for teeth. Unfortunately, sometimes that just isn’t possible or practical. In those situations, we provide gentle, comfortable extractions and beautiful replacement options. Why extractions are needed There are alternatives to many dental procedures, but extractions typically aren’t optional. That doesn’t mean Dr. Dietrich will force you to give up your tooth. It simply means that, usually, if he recommends extraction it is because the tooth can’t be saved. Therefore, if not … Continue reading

What causes toothaches in Dolton, IL?

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A tooth seems very small, until it starts hurting. When you have a toothache, the insistent pain and throbbing can overshadow anything you are trying to think or do. If the pain is this bad, you need to see a dentist, and fast. That is why Dr. Dietrich offers emergency service at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton. Decay – A deep cavity can expose the nerve, causing pain or tooth sensitivity. It can also allow bacteria to access the dental pulp, resulting in infection. Abscess – An abscess is a pocket of infection that forms near a tooth, usually just below … Continue reading

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