Dolton, IL area patients looking for a cosmetic dentist “near me” for teeth whitening can contact Dr. Dietrich

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Dr. Dean Dietrich of Dolton, IL understands that patients want to achieve a brighter smile with professional teeth whitening. When patients are looking for a cosmetic dentist “near me” who provides these services, they should look no further than Pleasant Dental®. ​Teeth whitening is just one of many cosmetic dentistry solutions available. Types of whitening available Dr. Dietrich offers several methods of whitening in his practice, including: Take-home trays 3 levels of KöR deep bleaching Take-home Trays Gradual whitening can also be achieved with take-home whitening trays. These trays are custom made using impressions of the dental arches, and patients … Continue reading

Cosmetic dentistry solutions available to patients in the Dolton, IL area

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​ Cosmetic dentistry was once believed to only be available to the Hollywood elite. Thanks to continued advances in dentistry, cosmetic treatment is more affordable than ever! Patients in the Dolton, IL area are welcome to schedule a consultation visit with the team at Pleasant Dental® to discuss the possibilities of enhancing their smiles. Who is a candidate for cosmetic dentistry? Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone! Anyone who has an imperfection of the smile can take the time to speak with the team of Pleasant Dental® to discover their best solutions. Aesthetic work can address: Missing teeth Broken teeth Misaligned … Continue reading

Cosmetic dental treatments such as veneers can transform Dolton, IL smiles!

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​ When patients think of visiting the dentist, they often think of cleanings, examinations, and fillings. But, were you aware that your local Dolton, IL dentist offers a wide variety of cosmetic dental treatments that can improve the appearance of the smile? If you have struggled with the look of your smile, you may want to consider veneers. Veneers explained Porcelain veneers are restorations that provide patients with coverage for certain imperfections. Veneers are ceramic facings that are used to cover teeth that are: Stained Gapped Fractured Unusually shaped Slightly misaligned Patients choose veneers because they have many benefits. They … Continue reading

Discuss cosmetic treatment for teeth with Dolton, IL area dentist

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​ When patients are considering cosmetic treatment for improving their teeth, they often turn to a dentist who has experience with aesthetic dentistry. Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL is pleased to provide patients with solutions for their smiles. He offers a wide range of cosmetic treatment options to enhance the appearance of the smile. Here are just a few of the commonly requested procedures at Pleasant Dental®: Porcelain veneers – Veneers are used to cover up imperfections that negatively impact the appearance of the smile. These restorations are facings that are custom-made and bonded onto the … Continue reading

Looking for a smile wizard “near me” in Dolton to explain cosmetic dentistry?

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When everyone else leans in for a group photo, do you dodge out of the frame? Maybe you drop your head or turn away when speaking, or cover your mouth with your hand when you laugh. Has it been a long time since you smiled into the mirror and liked what you saw? Then you have probably been searching the internet for a doctor “near me​” to trust with your cosmetic dentistry​ concerns. Dr. Dean Dietrich at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton​ can help. Healthy smiles are beautiful Every element of a healthy mouth contributes to a beautiful smile, while dental … Continue reading

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