A new set of dentures can truly change your life. If you have been living with loose or missing teeth, or an old, sloppy denture, then a new appliance may be just what the doctor ordered to restore your smile, your clear speech, and your ability to eat. However, if you expect all of your problems to be solved overnight, you could be disappointed. The human brain and body adjust to change gradually, so your dentures are likely to feel strange at first, especially if you’ve had teeth extracted. Don’t give up; the adjustment period will be over before you know it, and you will be grinning, chewing, talking, and laughing out loud, just like you had natural teeth.

Here are some tips to help you prevent mishaps, and expedite the process of getting used to your brand new teeth:

  • You might notice an increase in your saliva flow. This is not a cause for concern. It is a natural reaction, as your body detects something out of the ordinary in your mouth, and it will normalize soon.
  • Temporary soreness or irritation may occur as the muscles and soft tissues in your mouth adjust. However, if you have concerns, please call our office. Adjustments sometimes need to be made to the dentures after you have worn and used them enough to discover problem spots. It is a simple process; Dr. Dietrich can make necessary adjustments right here in our office, in just a few minutes.
  • It may take a little bit of practice to learn to eat with your new dentures. Don’t walk out of the office and head for a BBQ to have steak and corn on the cob! For your first few meals, choose soft foods, cut them into small bites, and chew slowly. Don’t be surprised if eating feels awkward. Your muscles and habits will adapt quickly.
  • Clean your dentures regularly as directed. Even though dentures can’t get cavities, they can accumulate plaque and bacteria just like natural teeth. They can also discolor and acquire hard-to-remove tartar if not cleaned properly.
  • If your dentures do not stay in place well, adhesive may be helpful. Alternately, Dr. Dietrich offers dental implants, which can give your dentures a level of stability comparable to natural teeth.
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Dr. Dietrich is more than a dentist. He is your friend and partner in oral health. If you choose Pleasant Dental® for your dentures, he will take great care to deliver a beautiful, high quality, appliance. He will also be there for you every step of the way if you have questions or concerns.

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