You hear that teeth whitening is harmless and does not permanently alter your smile. Then you are told that it isn’t safe to use a product off the store shelves without first consulting a dentist. What gives? In reality, teeth whitening is extremely safe and gentle, but only if you are a good candidate and it is applied properly.

Both the ADA (American Dental Association) and the AGD (Academy of General Dentistry) recommend seeing your dentist for an evaluation before beginning any kind of whitening, to ensure both safety and effectiveness. Most people are good candidates for bleaching. However, there are a few exceptions:

  • Pregnancy – We don’t know that it would pose any risk during pregnancy, but we don’t know that it wouldn’t. There simply isn’t enough data to know for sure, and we don’t want to take chances! If you are planning to become pregnant, whiten your teeth first. If you are already pregnant, it’s best to wait until after giving birth.
  • Oral health – If you have broken or fractured teeth, or deep cavities, the dentin and possibly the nerves may be exposed. Whitening gels are formulated for contact with enamel, so using them when your teeth are in this condition could be a painful experience. These concerns need to be addressed before whitening.
  • Sensitive teeth – The most common side effect of whitening sensitivity. Many people don’t experience this at all, and it is temporary if it does occur. However, if your teeth are already sensitive, this temporary period won’t be fun. No, we don’t mean that you shouldn’t whiten if you have sensitive teeth, but it is another excellent reason to see your dentist. Dr. Dietrich offers KöR whitening, which is unique in the fact that it is formulated to prevent sensitivity. Other products and formulas for sensitive teeth simply have ingredients that may help sooth sensitivity after it has already occurred.
  • Dental fillings – Bleaching your teeth when you have fillings, crowns, veneers, or false teeth is not harmful, nor is it uncomfortable. However, it won’t yield the results you are expecting, because dental materials do not respond to bleach. If your restorations match the current color of your teeth, they will look like dark spots after whitening. Therefore, if you want a brighter smile, you need to consider replacing old, dark dental work.
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