Cosmetic dentistry is one of the wonders of modern society. If you don’t like something about your smile, we can change it. If you don’t like anything at all about your smile, we can fix that too. However, that doesn’t mean you have to commit to dramatic, permanent changes. Smile enhancement can be as simple as teeth whitening, and the benefits may be greater than you imagine.

  • Social interactions – Your smile is one of the first features that other people will notice, and it is the memory that will linger the longest. There is no better way to make a great first impression than a brilliant, friendly smile.
  • Career – A professional image is a vital asset in today’s workplace. Studies have shown that a nice smile make a person appear more intelligent, successful, outgoing, and competent.
  • Confidence – The most important person that you can impress with your smile is the one in the mirror.
  • Look younger – Teeth naturally darken over time. Therefore, dull, stained teeth are associated with old age. Simply brightening your smile can take years off of your appearance.
  • Better oral health – When you love your brilliant smile, you want to keep it sparkling clean. We have found that most patients practice better oral hygiene after whitening or other cosmetic procedures.
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Although there are many brands and methods of teeth whitening, they are not created equal. Over-the-counter formulas are much weaker than professional strength bleach. Despite the lower concentration of active ingredients, these products may actually pose a greater risk of causing sensitivity and gum irritation, because the procedure is not professionally supervised.

Virtually any dental office can give you better results than drugstore whiteners can. However, only a select few dentists offer KöR Deep Bleaching, which is widely regarded as the best system on the market. It is even effective on tetracycline and other deep stains that resist most bleaching formulas. Dr. Dietrich is proud to provide this amazing whitening system for residents of Dolton, Riverdale, and surrounding communities.

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