What is not to love about a smile? When you have a broken tooth, the answer is a lot:

  1. It probably hurts.
  2. If the damaged tooth is in front, you might not feel so great about the way your smile looks.
  3. You are probably worried about what kind of dental treatment you might need.

The solution depends on the situation. Here at Pleasant Dental® in Dolton, IL, we offer many restorations, but dental crowns are often the best way to repair broken teeth.

What happens if you do not fix a broken tooth?

Maybe it is not badly broken, and it does not even hurt. Can you ignore the damage? Unfortunately, a lot of people do just that, but it is a bad idea. The reason is simple; a broken tooth will not heal itself. It will not even stay status quo. Instead, the problem will keep getting worse, and the longer you wait, the more extensive treatment you will need.

The outer layers of a tooth are made of hard enamel and dentin. Any damage to those layers, even a tiny chip or fracture, creates a pathway for bacteria to get in. As bacteria accumulate, that part of the tooth starts decaying. Gradually, the decayed area gets more extensive and deeper until it eventually chews through the hard layers. Deep inside the tooth is pulp, which includes nerves and blood vessels. That is when it gets painful because the nerves are exposed. Furthermore, if the pulp gets infected, you will need root canal treatment and a dental crown to save your tooth. However, if you see a dentist before the damage goes that far, you can probably repair your tooth with just a crown or even a simple filling or bonding.

Do crowns on front teeth look natural?

That depends on the type of crown. If we just talk about function and strength, then gold is the absolute best material for a dental crown. However, many do not want a gold tooth front and center in your smile.

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Most people choose a pure porcelain or ceramic crown. The outer layer of porcelain is designed to mimic the color and the sheen and brilliance of tooth enamel. Since the entire crown is tooth-colored, there is no risk of a dark area around the base.

Thankfully, modern dental porcelains are incredibly strong, and front teeth are not subjected to intense pressure and wear when chewing. Therefore, this type of crown can last for a very long time, and no one will even guess that it is not a natural tooth.

Are you ready to restore your smile?

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