Straighten up your smile with Invisalign braces in Dolton, IL

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Are crooked teeth ruining your beautiful smile? Do you hate the idea of wearing metal braces? If so, Invisalign may be just what you’re looking for. Dr. Dean Dietrich is proud to offer this beautiful, convenient orthodontic solution for patients of Pleasant Dental in Dolton, IL. What they are You are probably familiar with classic braces. They utilize metal brackets bonded to the teeth. Wires running between the brackets are tweaked to push and pull on individual teeth. They work very well. Unfortunately, they also look like tiny train tracks in your mouth. Shouldn’t there be a way to straighten … Continue reading

Better oral health: a clear alternative to braces in Dolton

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Nearly everyone wants a winning smile, with gorgeous, straight, white teeth. In the past, many adults considered the embarrassment of wearing braces worse than having crooked teeth. Invisalign has changed the world of orthodontics, giving adults a discreet, comfortable way to a beautiful, straight smile. While Invisalign is becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment, many people are unaware of the vast health benefits it offers. Straighter teeth, healthier mouth In addition to being unsightly, crooked teeth are difficult to clean. Overlapping or tilted teeth can create tight spaces that even floss will not fit. When part of the tooth surface … Continue reading

Is it ever “too late” for braces to be effective?

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“I’m too old for braces!” I hear this often when I mention braces to a patient, shall I say, somewhat beyond puberty. Okay, maybe those patient decades beyond puberty. The reality is there really isn’t any reason that a person of some wiser years can’t or shouldn’t have braces. Sure if there is significant periodontal or gum disease then they may not be a candidate. But an otherwise healthy set of teeth can be moved by braces or other techniques at any age. At Pleasant Dental we only treat adult patients with what is termed short-term orthodontics. These braces are … Continue reading

How long will it take to complete orthodontic treatment?

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“Braces always take at least a year and a half to two years to move teeth. I have absolutely no desire to look like a metal mouthed geek for that period of time.” While that’s not exactly what patients have said to me it certainly carries the essential truth that most adults have little interest in looking like they are trying to regain adolescence. What these patients are usually asking me is a combination of: “can you straighten my teeth in a short period and do it in a way that allows me to avoid as much of the indignity … Continue reading

Do teeth need to be extracted for braces to work?

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I know when my adult patients ask me this question what they are really asking is: “Do I get to have the fun of having a few teeth taken out for the braces?” Perhaps I exaggerate. Truthfully, most adults have absolutely no desire to have a tooth taken out for any reason, let alone for the purpose of braces. But we all remember from our adolescence the all too typical removal of as many as four teeth to allow the dentist to move teeth and get the desired result. So it’s an understandable concern. Interestingly enough, the practice of removing … Continue reading

Is Invisalign for you?

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You really really want to finally straighten your teeth. But you would prefer to not have to go throughout the discomfort and annoyance of braces. Would Invisalign be an option for you? The short answer is “maybe.” While Invisalign can handle many different kinds of orthodontic needs it can’t treat everything. If your teeth are crowded together then often Invisalign can help. The trick is in finding or creating the space needed for the teeth to line up properly. This is achieved in one of three ways typically. Either a tooth or teeth are extracted (this is the least used … Continue reading

Dolton patients ask, “What is clear aligners technology?”

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Straightening their teeth is often considered by patients in the Dolton area who do not have a perfectly aligned smile. Some patients have overcrowding, gaps, or poor bite alignment. Many avoid fixing these issues because they are turned off by the idea of conventional braces. Brackets and wires covering the smile are undesirable by both teenagers and adults. Thanks to continued advances in orthodontic technology, patients are now able to achieve the same results in a more discreet way with the use of clear aligners. Clear aligners are becoming incredibly popular because of their appearance and effectiveness. They are also … Continue reading

Patients in Dolton area ask, “What is Clear Aligner Therapy?”

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Many adults who did not have the opportunity to have braces when they were younger are often unhappy with the misalignment of their smile as an adult. They may feel as though they are past the appropriate age to have orthodontic work done to enhance their appearance. However, thanks to continued dental advances, patients can now achieve a more beautiful smile without traditional braces. Instead, they can enjoy a discreet solution such as clear aligner therapy. What is clear aligner therapy? Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental in the Dolton area describes clear aligner therapy as an alternative to using … Continue reading

South Holland, IL area dentist describes the process of Invisalign

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What is Invisalign? Patients who visit Pleasant Dental to learn about ways to address malocclusion are often interested in learning more about Invisalign. Invisalign is a treatment alternative that works to provide similar results achieved with traditional orthodontics. Instead of using brackets and wires to move teeth into better positions, this method utilizes aligner trays. An entire series is fabricated using impressions of the teeth that are digitized into a system and used to create plastic trays. The trays are worn at all times, day and night, and only removed when patients eat or care for their smile (brushing and … Continue reading

They made the extra effort to make sure every question and concern I had was addressed. They have some of the cleanest dental equipment I have ever seen. They make an extra effort to make sure they only use the best for their patients. They have a very good professional reputation. I know that I'm under the care of an expert. They were so happy to answer each and every question I had. They also encouraged me to call if I need any more answers in the future.