No dental insurance? No Worries!

We NOW have you covered!

Even with dental insurance, significant dental care can get costly. Without insurance, good care often seems completely out of reach. To make matters worse, we have NEVER seen a dental insurance policy you can buy yourself worth buying.

Rather than just leaving this as a problem for you to deal with, we stepped up and created a solution, years in the making and available exclusively to our patients: The Pleasant Dental® Membership Plan.

If you…

  • pay for all your dental care, or
  • don’t get dental benefits from work, or
  • are retired or close to retiring or
  • have not visited the dentist in a while
  • want to get your mouth healthy and keep it that way while minimizing cost
We are here to help Call us at (708) 576-1900 or Schedule an Appointment

This is for you!

Our plan covers preventative care (cleanings, exams, x-rays) and gives you discounts on nearly all other procedures (fillings, crowns, and root canals, etc.). The plans save you from 10% to nearly 50% on common services.

We’ve broken the barrier to getting the care you need. Get the smile you want with the affordable and comprehensive coverage you need! No yearly limits! Call our office today at 708.849.4400 to learn more and to become a member with all the savings and privileges!

We offer several simple & affordable options. Choose the plan right for you.

Start saving by joining today. Call (708) 576-1900

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