Many times, dental crowns are needed for South Holland area patients. Crowns are restorations that are custom-made for patients and used to provide extra strength and protection to a tooth that is weakened. Instead of extracting the tooth, a dental crown can be placed over it for protection and strength.

Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® uses dental crowns in both cosmetic and general dentistry and encourages patients with broken teeth or large areas of decay to discuss the advantages of dental crowns. These restorations are not only effective at repairing the smile but can be affordable and beautiful. Dental crowns are made with the patient in mind and are fabricated in the right color, size, and shape to look natural. This is important for many of our patients who are seeking aesthetic solutions.

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Dental crowns are common in dentistry and should be nothing for patients to worry about. Many patients are concerned about the cost of dental crowns, but they will quickly learn that these affordable restorations are worth the investment. They will last many years with proper care, and for patients who have dental insurance, many policies significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost. These restorations are often needed and preferred over extraction.

The process of receiving dental crowns is simple, and patients will be able to enjoy a restored smile in just a few weeks. The tooth is prepared after which impressions are taken and used for a ceramist to create the restoration. A temporary is placed in the meantime until the final crown is completed, typically within two weeks. Patients will return to the dental office for placement of the final crown. Patients are given after-care instructions, which will allow their restoration to last as long as possible.

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