Emergencies are situations that occur without any notice. When it comes to dental emergencies, many adult patients in the Dolton, Illinois area may be unsure how to handle the situation. This is when Dr. Dean Dietrich of Pleasant Dental® can help.

Dr. Dean Dietrich is a dentist in the area who provides adult dental care as well as emergency dentistry for new and current patients of his practice. At Pleasant Dental®, he believes that everyone should have access to emergency dentistry when the need arises and encourages patients to call his practice if they have a situation occur that requires immediate assistance.

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Common dental emergencies that must be addressed with proper care and attention by a professional include:

A lost or broken restoration such as a crown, veneer, bridge, or filling
A severe toothache that keeps patients from being able to sleep or function during the day
A knocked out tooth that needs to be reinserted or replaced
A tooth that has become broken or damaged and needs to be repaired
A denture that needs to be adjusted for better comfort and function

These common adult dental emergencies are often brought to the practice of Pleasant Dental®. Dr. Dean Dietrich is happy to be able to provide his patients with treatment of these issues and is willing to provide applicable services to those who need it. Using some of the latest technologies and some of the most advanced, quality materials, he has the ability to improve the smile’s appearance and function dramatically. When dental emergencies occur, he will do his best to get patients in for a same-day appointment.

If you are dealing with a dental emergency or you are seeking a quality team for dental care, we recommend a visit to Pleasant Dental®. Dr. Dean Dietrich is a Dolton, IL area dentist who has the experience to provide patients with comprehensive dental solutions that are preventative, general, and restorative, as well as help with emergencies.

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