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You make patients feel comfortable. Your friendliness, you seem to care for your patients. And you are very kind. You did a great job with our daughters braces. She is able to smile with confidence.
~ Sara A.

Short Term Orthodontics for Adults

Invisalign Dolton IL - Braces "Tin grin” or “railroad tracks." Most adults today still think in these terms when it comes to wearing braces, which is one of the reasons that even though many adults can benefit from straightening their teeth, they avoid having it done.

But what is it that the typical adult wants to accomplish with braces? For most, the answer is to straighten the teeth that they see in their smile. That's it. They aren't looking at their back teeth and thinking, "Gosh my back teeth don't line up perfectly." They are thinking, "Boy I'd like to straighten my crooked front teeth."

Until recently, there were few options available for adults who simply wanted braces essentially for cosmetic purposes. Now we are among a relatively few offices offering what is being termed "Short Term Orthodontics."

Short Term Orthodontics (STO) is for adults who want quick cosmetic changes to their smile. Treatment times are typically between four and nine months.

How can we provide treatment this quickly? Simply put, we are only treating what you want us to, the front teeth. We are not trying to perfect the bite of the back teeth. For most adults this is a perfectly reasonable and practical approach. It is certainly much better than putting a bunch of expensive veneers on their crooked front teeth to make them look straight.

Presently we have teamed with the folks at Six Month Smiles to offer this service. We use clear brackets and either very fine metal wires or tooth colored wires. This makes it hard to even notice the braces.

To be sure, we can't treat everyone with STO. However, probably 80% or more of adults who want to straighten their teeth can benefit tremendously from this new approach to braces for adults.

Another significant benefit can be the cost. Typical fees run significantly less than full orthodontic treatment. If the alternative is veneers, you can save as much as $3,000 or more.

Call us for a free consultation appointment to see if Short Term Orthodontics might be right for you. 708-576-1900.

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