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Pleasant Dental
5 5 Star Review
Dean D. Dietrich, DMD

I am a patient of Dr. Dietrich and I must say he is the best dentist I have ever visited. His employees are kind and friendly as well as the doctor. They make sure you are comfortable and if you have any fears those fears are relieved due to the care given. I must recommend those who fear going to the dentist be assured once experiencing his services you will definitely return. Hats off to Dr. Dietrich for making my visit a painless and pleasant one!

Dean D. Dietrich, DMD

  • Give you personalized service (we aren't one of those big, impersonal clinics)
  • Listen when you talk, and care what you say
  • Have special consideration for anxious or fearful patients, many of whom become our most loyal patients
  • Make dental care affordable
  • Provide a program for uninsured patients
  • See every member of your family, from baby to grandma and grandpa
  • Have FUN and share many smiles and much laughter with our patients (if you were looking for a pretentious, stuffy dentist – look elsewhere)
Dean D. Dietrich, DMD Meet Dr. Dean Dietrich, founder of Pleasant Dental. He has been practicing since 1986. In 2003, Dr. Dietrich opened Pleasant Dental, with the goal of providing excellent dental care, as well as an excellent VALUE for his patients.

Over the years, Dr. Dietrich noticed a large percentage of his colleagues and others in the dental field frequently discussing the need for increased fees. Although he is realistic about the necessity of some fee increases when the dentist's expenses rise, he realized that the majority of these people simply wanted a greater margin of profit. Pleasant Dental was born out of a determination to not be one of those practices. We are not here for the dollar – we are here for the patient, and the pride of knowing we deliver great quality at a great value.

Dr. Dietrich is a highly trained, exceptionally skilled dentist. He also happens to be a real, down-to-earth human being, just like you. When you come to Pleasant Dental, you won't be judged by your present dental health, how anxious you are or past dental history.

We have a few simple goals. We want to restore your oral health, give you a beautiful smile that you can show off with pride, and then help you maintain it for life – at a price you can afford. If you are looking for quality, value, and service that will give you a reason to smile, call 708-576-1900 and schedule an appointment with your friend and dentist, Dr. Dietrich.

Pleasant Dental
5 5 Star Review
Dr. Ademola Adekola

Dr. Adekola and his dental assistant Spring are wonderful. They worked quickly and efficiently while making sure that I did not experience any discomfort during my procedure. I appreciate the friendly and professional atmosphere. Thanks to the entire team for a positive dental visit!

Dr. Ademola Adekola

 Dr. Ademola Adekola Meet Dr. Ademola Adekola, a graduate of the University of Illinois Chicago Dental School. Prior to earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, Dr. Adekola completed his undergraduate education in chemistry, graduating summa cum laude from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

While these credentials certainly speak to Dr. Adekola’s advanced training, thirst for knowledge, and academic performance, he distinguishes himself from other dental professionals in the region with a chair-side manner that can best be described as "phenomenal." Dr. Adekola's approach to putting patients at ease helps Pleasant Dental continue to live up to its "pleasant" name.

A South Holland resident, Dr. Adekola may just be your neighbor. He is driven to provide the level of care you may expect from a UIC Dental School graduate but, importantly, Dr. Adekola delivers that care in a compassionate and considerate manner – qualities that cannot be taught in a classroom or earned as part of even the most rigorous academic program.

Dr. Adekola's smile and sense of humor is capable of calming even the most frayed nerves. Dr. Adekola wants to create a positive experience where you just may rethink the "dreaded dental visit." He looks forward to maintaining or improving your family's health and smiles by personifying the values Pleasant Dental was built upon: A warm, caring, relationship-oriented experience for those of you who do us the honor of allowing us to provide your dental care.

Call 708-576-1900 to meet Dr. Ademola Adekola in person, and to acquaint yourself with a more comfortable and better approach to dental care.

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